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Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP Racquet

6 Reviews
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Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP Racquet

6 Reviews
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Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP 4 3/8" (#3)
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Price: $149.00
  • Grip Size: 4 3/8" (#3)
Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP 4 1/2" (#4)
In Stock: 4+
Price: $149.00
  • Grip Size: 4 1/2" (#4)

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Head adds another chapter to the Speed MP! As with previous generations, this racquet offers great feel and controllable power to intermediate and advanced players. With its open 16x19 string pattern, the speed MP packs a tad more spin-potential than the Speed Pro while also giving you a higher trajectory for easier depth. It also has a sub-65 RA stiffness and a straight beam, giving it slightly better control and feel than a typical modern player's racquet. Built with Graphene 360+, the Speed MP combines the stability and power of Graphene 360 with SpiralFibers in the lower head for a cleaner feel at impact. Boasting a higher RDC swingweight than the previous model, the 2020 Speed MP not only feels more solid against big hitting opponents, it does a better job driving the ball through the court. It also packs enough spin-potential to bring the ball down hard. At net the Speed MP comes around with decent speed to deliver a solid feel with good depth on block volleys and enough pop to finish points with a bang. This racquet also shines on serve where you'll have the needed mass and spin to put heavy action on the ball. Ultimately, this update to the Speed MP not only hits a more powerful ball, it also retains the excellent feel and spin-friendly control of the previous generation.


Head Size: 100 in² / 645.16 cm²
Length: 27in / 68.58cm
Strung Weight:11.2oz / 318g
Balance: 13in / 33.02cm / 4 pts HL
Swingweight: 328
Stiffness: 64
Beam Width: 23mm / 23mm / 23mm
Composition: Graphene 360+/Graphite
Power Level: Low-Medium
Stroke Style: Medium-Full
Swing Speed: Medium-Fast
Racquet Colors:White/Black
Grip Type: Head Hydrosorb Pro
String Pattern:
16 Mains / 19 Crosses
Mains skip: 7T,9T,7H,9H
Two Pieces
No Shared Holes
String Tension: 48-57 pounds


Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
6 Customer Reviews
4 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
Head Grahene 360I like the easy power and flexibility.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
Enjoying My New RacquetI am enjoying my new racquet. It is balanced and controlled.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
Excellent control and touchI've dragged my feet on getting a new racquet, but wish I had made the change sooner. After hours of research, including the helpful review from Tennis Warehouse, I opted to purchase two of these racquets. I'm really happy with my choice. Excellent control on my groundstrokes without sacrificing touch. My serve is also more accurate. This racquet is about 3 oz heavier than my previous racquet. Initially it was noticeably heavier, but now I don't notice much anymore. I also needed a vibration dampener with my previous racquet, but not with this one. Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
Great all purpose frame!After lots of demos and reading/watching all the reviews, I've recently moved to this frame from the Head Radical Graphene Touch. Took me a couple of weeks of solid hitting to fully make the transition - but I love this frame. Good pop, spin and feel (volleys too). I found that I prefer the MP and the 16x19 string pattern over the Tour for spin and pop. Can't beat the current price! I'm a 4.0 year-round player with a traditional FH and 1BH and have settled in on Volkl Cyclone strung @ 49 lbs.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
Great all around frameI think this is the best all-around frame. It does everything well and has good feel. The string pattern is not too open or too dense - it's medium. Out of 10 (with other frames for reference): Power: 8 (10 would be Pure Drive) Spin: 8 (10 would be the Extreme) Control: 8 (10 would be the Prestige) Feel: 7 (10 would be Pro Staff 90) Comfort: 8 Overall: 9.5 How is my overall score higher than individual scores? Because it is rare to find a racquet that can do everything so well. Also it is easy to pick up and play without needing to think or adjust. It will suit many play styles. I liked it so much I bought two. I have had no issues with elbow, wrist, or shoulder with this racquet. I am a 4.0 player with a semi western FH and 1HBH.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
just worksSometimes you get good racquet speed, but the racquet is too heavy. Sometimes the racquet has good spin, but there's too little control. This racquet does good in all categories. Nothing extremely special (but that's kinda why it IS special)!

Previous Feedback  

Comments: I haven't bought a racket in 20+ years. The technology has changed so much since I played at college. The demo program helped me find this racquet, which wasn't even on my list after doing some research. Super happy with these racquets!
From: Luigi, Reno, NV, 12/13/21

Comments: This is a really nice racquet. My current racquet is the Head Gravity Pro (which is an exceptional racquet for me). The TW review is accurate in my opinion- this has a good blend of everything and it does everything pretty well. It is maneuverable, comfortable, generates good topspin and power, but still has good control.  There are other racquets that excel in each individual department (i.e. Babolat Pure Aero Tour in Spin, Babolat Pure Drive for serves), but it's hard to find another racquet like this that does everything pretty well. This is also very similar to the Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 racket (2nd generation)- which I used to use, but developed some arm problems so I gave it up. It is somewhere between the Pure Strike and Pure Drive and is a great alternative to someone who is looking for a racquet that is like a Babolat, but wants something more comfortable. I would recommend this racquet to pretty much any level- it is easy enough to maneuver for someone who is a beginner to pick up and start using (similar to a Babolat Pure Drive), but could be used by an intermediate or advanced player as well. More advanced players will not get as much control as they are looking for, but that's expected for a 16x19 pattern. It would probably also be good for a younger player who is looking to improve their game and needs a serious racquet as it will last them through beginner/intermediate stages. Very easy to hit defensive shots, redirect pace, hit shots on the run. I am a 4.5 player (normally using a Head Gravity Pro). It is definitely worth a demo.
Bill, VA, 11/11/21

Comments: Good cold-weather alternative to the Speed Pro. The higher launch angle and a little extra power are handy in heavy conditions. My black model has slightly less swing weight and is less distracting to the eye. I string it at 52 pounds tension with a leather grip.
From: Andrew, Tasmania, Australia 7/1/21

Comments: Overrated in my opinion. The feel is great but the racquet has a bit too much pop and high launch angle due to very wide string spacing. Very Babolat-ish in a sense you have to hit with a lot of spin to keep the ball in and difficult to flatten or drive the ball.
From: Dan, 5/29/21New York, NY, USA

Comments: I am really happy with this racquet. I have been using the Babolat AeroPro Drive, and Pure Aero line of racquets for many years, but was having to string with softer strings (natural gut, synthetic gut, and multifilaments) due to an arm injury and the strings kept breaking. After trying multiple racquets, I decided to get this one. It is less stiff than the Babolat Pure Aero but still offers plenty of power. It feels more head heavy than my Babolat, but still allows me to put plenty of topspin on the ball. It also allows me to use softer polys, so now I don't have the string breakage issues as I had before, when forced to use non-poly alternatives in my stiffer Babolat. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase!
From: Patricia -- Fremont, CA 5/20/21

Comments: I have been playing with the 2016 Babolat Pure Aero and previous versions of the same racquet for many years, but experienced some arm trouble. I play with a lot of topspin and using softer strings kept breaking. I decided to switch to the Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP due to its lower stiffness, allowing me to use Solinco Hyper-G Soft strings, which should hopefully last a little longer, while not bothering my arm. So far, I am really loving this racquet. It is less jarring and has more plow through than my previous racquet. I can feel the location of the racquet head well during the swing and has good power, while I can still impart lots of spin when I want to. I am looking forward to improving my game due to its versatility.
From: Patricia, 4/30/21

Comments: I'm a 4.5 level NTRP player. I switched to the Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP about two months ago. My previous weapon was the Babolat Pure Strike Project One7, which is an extremely good racquet too. The Head racquet has really good, controllable free power, and extremely good consistency on serves. My serve percentage jumped from 50 percent to around 66 percent without any reduction in power. Volleys are very stable. Other than the initial adjustment phase, I have not had any arm issues whatsoever. It's a very comfortable stick. There is slightly reduced feel with this racquet, but that is to be expected with the lowered stiffness. All in all, I'm winning more matches with less effort now, especially on hard court matches. I'm very happy with this switch and I highly recommend experienced, intermediate to advanced, players to try it out.
From: Vipul, 3/22/21

Comments: I have both Pure Strike 100 3rd Gen and Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP. Pure Strike can generate more, easier topspin, and has slightly higher launch angle. Speed MP is more stable, good at volleys and for a single handed backhand. I like both for their characteristics.
From: Condition, 3/16/21

Comments: I have been playing with this racquet since mid November and enjoy the extension of my arm with this one! I find the racquet very comfortable on the arm having played with racquets in the past which were too stiff causing tennis elbow. Power I feel is right there with most in the 100 inch size category, stability hasn't been an issue. Groundstrokes and topspin are top notch and it returns well. It volley's well where control, feel, and touch are critical. I truly have nothing to complain about with this racquet.
From: Ed, 2/27/21

Comments: Great service from TW as the racquet was delivered very quickly. As for the racquet, it's the best racquet I've had. I've had a Radical S, a Wilson Clash 100, and a Wilson Ultra 100 CV. It was the right amount of power for my game, more powerful than the Clash, yet very comfortable and has good feel. I'm struggling a bit with my serve due to the increased swingweight, but I'm positive I'll figure it out. Definitely a great racquet.
From: Nicolas, 1/10/21

Comments: Switching from the Head Graphene 360 Speed MP to this new version. I'm a 34 year old 4.5 level all-rounder player with a one handed backhand. Initially it felt good playing with it. Solid feeling shots on centered hits, but after one to two months of playing with it, I developed trigger finger. I noticed on hits slightly off-center, there is a lot of vibration of the racquet which contributed to the injury. The further off-center the shot, the worse it feels. Granted the ball still goes where it's supposed to go, but you pay for it in your hand and arm. Racquet was strung with a polyester and synthetic gut hybrid at 53 and 51 pounds, 16 gauge. Switching back to the older model again as it still feels great and doesn't have the punishing vibration from even mildly off-centered hits.
From: Ron, 1/8/21

Comments: Excellent serving racquet, with a good flex for comfort and touch. I usually don't pick up a racquet that's more than 62 flex, but did so here after reading the feedback and am glad I did. I use a hybrid, either a multifilament in the mains or crosses and polyester. With this Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP I ordered Head Lynx 17 in the mains with Gosen AKPro17 in the crosses. After playing my first match with this set-up I'm going to have to dial in the power with all polyester and won't hesitate because of the comfort. I almost gave up on having both power and comfort but think I found it here and will restring with a full bed of Head Lynx or Luxilon ALU Power Soft at 46 pounds. I'll look forward to keeping the balls in with greater topspin with the all polyester and should still have enough put-away power to use my aggressive game, hopefully without the arm pain associated with stiffer frames. Well-done, Head.
From: Craig, 12/29/20

Comments: For me this new 360+ Speed MP has too much weight in the head and not enough in the handle. I would normally add weight in the handle for this situation, but with the swingweight already pushing 330 I don't think adding weight to the handle will improve maneuverability enough. I demoed this Speed MP alongside the Pure Aero and Pure Drive, and although it was more stable with better feel, it was noticeably harder to swing. Feels like Head took the speed out of the Speed line and I noticed the same thing with the Pro. It had a super solid feel, but I couldn't generate the enough racquet head speed. For me the perfect unstrung Speed specs would be 305 grams, 9 points headlight with a 16x20 pattern. I do love the current feel and flex rating, but a swingweight around 323 for the MP in particular would be better in my opinion.
From: Chris, 11/7/20

Comments: Although I've only used three racquets in my career so far. This is by far my favorite, simply the racquet is very maneuverable, and since I have quite the loopy top spin forehand I love it. The spin and counterpunching abilities of this racquet is great. The feel on this racquet is amazing.
From: NotLarry, 11/6/20

Comments: Just switched from Radical Youtek 107 to the Graphene 360+ Speed MP. I am liking the Speed, good combination of power and control, think Pure Strike but more arm-friendly. Highly recommend for topspin players. Also my volleys are better!
From: Jeff, 10/16/20

Comments: I am coming off the Babolat Pure Drive which was a very stiff stick. The Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP has feel and is very easy to use. For the first time in a long time a racquet that feels very good. Strung with Solinco Confidential in the mains at 52 pounds and Sensation in the crosses at 55 pounds. I cannot say enough good things about what has put together.
From: Steve, 10/13/20

Comments: I consider myself racketaholic since I own all the good racquets like Wilson Clash, Yonex VCORE 95, VCORE Pro 97 310. Babolat Pure Aero, Pure Strike 98 Project One7, Pure Strike 3rd Generation, and Prince Textreme Beast 100. Now I got myself the new Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP, and boy what a delight. Pure Strike caused me severe tennis elbow so had to stop playing with it. The Prince Textreme Beast was a great alternative with very nice control and power however was a bit unstable especially on volley's. The new Speed MP is the best of both worlds, soft on the arm but very stable and powerful, albeit the high swingweight. The feel of the racquet is just outstanding. Head did a great job with this racquet.
From: Lodi, 9/28/20

Comments: I've been trying racquets since they stopped making the Hyper Pro Staff. I used the Head Prestige for over a decade, but since I'm now in my sixties, I need a little more easy power. I tried every Yonex, Head, and Prince racquet. I liked the Speed Pro's weight, but I didn't like the lower trajectory due to the 18 mains. As a last resort, I tried the MP. I usually buy sticks over 11.6 ounce string weight and add lead tape to get their weight up to around 12 ounces. But the Speed MP delivered at stock weight when I tried it, although I still added a little lead tape to 3, 9, and 12 o'clock. I get all the power I need with a wonderful sound when I hit the ball and the 64 flex is nice on the arm, no stinging like I get with stiffer racquets. I'm getting big serves and big groundstrokes, and I'm a former serve and volleyer. Volleys are great and overheads stick in the fence, along with some serves. If you're an intermediate to advanced player looking for some additional power without losing control and saving your shoulder, then this stick should be a must try. I think that it's a worthy alternative to the Pure Strike, Pure Drive, Yonex RD 98, and Wilson Blade.
From: Jim, 7/27/20

Comments: I am coming from the Prince Textreme 100P 18x20. I find the increase in power and spin from the Speed MP dramatically bigger and better, and as a 55 year old player I am really liking the effortless power, in comparison to the 100P. The Speed MP is a stiffer frame, but the more open 16x19 pattern helps with the comfort. It's been a month now and no arm issues to speak of, whatsoever. A decrease in control is an obvious trade off, but one I am willing to make. I'm in, definitely.
From: Blair, 7/10/20

Comments: I added a leather grip, a little lead at 3 and 9, and this racquet hits like a dream now. It has the plow through and stability it needs for my playstyle. The frame has a good power level, but it's very controllable in my opinion. Good serves, good levels of spin, good levels of pace. I'm very happy with this racquet after a little customization.
From: Bryce, 7/1/20

Comments: Agreed with Neil and Tennis Warehouse playtesters that this is a very good piece of racquet with power and feel for groundstrokes. But for drop shots and touch shots, its lower static weight makes it harder to control. I strung it with Solinco Hyper-G at 54 pounds. I also got the Head Graphene Speed Pro, Prestige MP, Gravity Pro, Dunlop CX200, Wilson Pro Staff 97 Black, Clash 100 Tour, and Blade 98, as well as the Babolat Pure Aero 2018 and Pure Strike 16x19 3rd Generation, and more. I recently kept coming back to pick this new Head stick for some serious matches as it really gave me more confidence to fully drive it out.
From: Polo, 5/14/20

Comments: This is a very nice racquet, a game changer for someone looking for big spin and control in a modern medium weight racquet. I am not usually a fan of polarized weighting systems, but this stick seems to make all that work. The racquet is very stable on groundstrokes and serve, perhaps it's only weakness is volleys, but that's directly due to the lower static weight. Works well with a lower tension poly, certainly worth a try if you are the mid plus category.
From: Neil, 3/29/20

Comments: According to me, this version has been improved and it's the best Head racquet currently on sale. Much easier to play than Wilson Blade 98 16x19 v7 or Pure Strike 98 16x19 in a similar category. Excellent balance between power and control. Looking forward to reading TW comments.
From: Anonymous, 3/12/20

Comments: I am a Head loyal customer since racquets such as Radical 260 Trisys, but since the launch of Graphene technology has being pretty tough to keep that loyalty. This is by far the worst Head racquet that I have played so far, it is pretty close to play with a plastic piece with uncontrollable power. I am curious about what will be the score of this racquet that the TW Professionals will rate. I strung this racquet with Babolat RPM Blast 17 at 52 pounds.
From: Renato, 3/10/20

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