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KSwiss Hypercourt Supreme Amber/Asphalt Women's Shoes

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KSwiss Hypercourt Supreme Amber/Asphalt Women's Shoes

$135.00You Save: $50.06
KSwiss Hypercourt Supreme Am/Asp Wom's 6.0
In Stock: Yes
Price: $84.94
  • US Women's Shoe Size: 6.0
KSwiss Hypercourt Supreme Am/Asp Wom's 7.0
In Stock: Yes
Price: $84.94
  • US Women's Shoe Size: 7.0
KSwiss Hypercourt Supreme Am/Asp Wom's 7.5
In Stock: Yes
Price: $84.94
  • US Women's Shoe Size: 7.5
KSwiss Hypercourt Supreme Am/Asp Wom's 8.0
In Stock: Yes
Price: $84.94
  • US Women's Shoe Size: 8.0
KSwiss Hypercourt Supreme Am/Asp Wom's 8.5
In Stock: Yes
Price: $84.94
  • US Women's Shoe Size: 8.5
KSwiss Hypercourt Supreme Am/Asp Wom's 9.5
In Stock: Yes
Price: $84.94
  • US Women's Shoe Size: 9.5

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Quick & comfortable; a great match-day shoe!

The KSwiss Hypercourt Supreme is a high performing shoe for aggressive competitors and have been built with the feedback from professional players! Loaded with support and stability, the Durawrap Flex upper in a bootie-like construction envelopes your feet to keep you locked in and confident when pushing off. The tab on the back of the shoe makes sliding these on simple so you can lace them up and take advantage of their speed! Players will find loads of energy return with the responsive Surge 7.0 midsole. A durable rubber outsole in a modified pattern provides loads of traction for any court surface allowing players to even slide into their shots.

  • Upper: Seamless synthetic materials and mesh in a bootie-construction and mesh for comfort, breathability and support. DuraWrap Flex to provide flex in the right areas. Added protection in the toe for extra durability. An Ortholite liner for added cushioning.
  • Midsole: Surge 7.0 midsole for rebound, cushioning and responsive feel under foot allowing you to feel connected to the court. Midfoot shank for added stability and unwanted twisting.
  • Outsole: Non-marking Aosta 7.0 rubber outsole in a modified herringbone tread pattern provides excellent traction and good durability on any court surface.
  • Color: Amber / Asphalt

Fit Details

Length: True
Width: Medium
Arch: Medium
Break-in: None
Weight: 10.8 ounces (size 8.5)
Stock #: 96615-683-M


Customer Reviews

3.2 out of 5
18 Customer Reviews
2 out of 5 Stars
uncomfortabeI have always worn KSwiss shoes with great success. However, this style needs lots of breaking in and still are too tight and uncomfortable.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
Good ShoeThis is a great shoe but know that it is just a tad bit smaller than the other K Swiss shoes I have worn. This shoe and the blue one are exactly the same and both run a little smaller so order accordingly. The performance is the same as other K Swiss shoes and I really like the way it performs. I just use a thinner sock when I wear this shoe.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
Good ShoeI felt this shoe was a tad bit smaller than the other KSwiss shoes I have owned in the past. But it is still the same good quality we have all come to expect from KSwiss. I use this shoe on grass and clay and it performs well on these surfaces.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
Great ShoeI have worn K-Swiss shoes for a few years now and find them long lasting and easy to wear. This particular shoe is a tiny bit smaller than the other K-Swiss shoes I have worn but nevertheless it is still a good shoe. I wore it when I was playing on grass and on clay and I felt it did very well on those surfaces. It seemed very stable....more so that the other K-Swiss shoes I have worn. I have yet to wear it while playing on hard court but have worn it to the gym.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
Perfect shoeThis will be my second pair. I love these shoes. Great support and balance. I bought the second pair to travel with and to be sure when I needed them I would already have them.
3 out of 5 Stars
This color does run smallI thought the reviews on here must be wrong, but ...they aren't! I only wear this shoe and have been wearing it now for several years. I consistently order the same size and even ordered two different colors this go round. But the purple ones definitely ran smaller. Go figure. If you're ordering this colorway (Grape/Pink), I'd go up a 1/2 size.
3 out of 5 Stars
Kinda PlasticThey are stinky. I've owned 2 pairs because I like the look and feel but they don't breathe and get stinky for sure. Why not make a shoe from more breathable fabric?? No, I don't have this problem with other shoes.
1 out of 5 Stars
This color is way too smallI own 2 pair of Hypercourt Supreme black/purple 96615-016-M LOW SIZE 7 and they fit perfectly. However color GRAPE NCTR/CAMEOPNK 96615-516-M LOW size 7 is beyond snug. I could barely get them on.
2 out of 5 Stars
Light, but lacks cushioningThis shoe feels very flat. I would like a bit more cushioning. I returned this shoe.
2 out of 5 Stars
Very stiffDidn't like this shoe it was stiff and hard to put on. But good support on the heel area.
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
PerfectI keep buying these. I love the stability of these and without having to strangle my foot with a tight lace up. They are light and comfortable and They really help my movements around the court. I do put my own arch supports in them since I have a high arch.
1 out of 5 Stars
This particular color does not fit the sameI own every color of the Hypercourt Supremes and love them. But this color, amber/asphalt, is tighter and tongue is very short, and shoe feels very stiff. Not comfortable at all. I already wore it so I can't return it. But love the color!
1 out of 5 Stars
So disappointed!Have bought these shoes for many years, and I could always count on the consistency and fit. I have always worn a size 8 Med, but this time the 8 was snug across instep, was a half inch shorter and the tongue pad was 3/4 of an inch shorter. My orthotic wouldn't even fit in the shoe. It was stiff and killed my outside toe. When I would tie my laces they would end up against my foot instead of on the tongue pad. Unfortunately, I had taken tags off, because I've never had a problem in the past. After literally limping off the court I'm going to just have to donate them. So disappointing, because I don't know what shoe to go to next. The 8 1/2 was better but still snug across the toes. Tried the express in the 8 1/2 and it fit a little better but doesn't have the inside boot that I like which the Supreme has.
4 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
So far, so good....I've worn a variety of tennis shoe brands over the years and inevitably when I've found a shoe that I like and that is perfect for my feet, the manufacturers decide to "remake" the shoe, which NEVER feels like the original shoe. We've all said this!! I have worn KSwiss for the past 15 years because of it's roomy toe box, great stability and general comfort. Having said that, not all styles of KSwiss shoes fit or feel the same and for my feet there IS a break-in period for the Supreme (and most KSwiss shoes)- maybe 8 hours on court. For those of us who struggle with plantar issues, I find that the medium arch support with this shoe is adequate. The cushion could be a lot better IMO. Stability is excellent, found shoe size to be true, roomy toe box and no rubbing issues as others have said. Would I buy another pair? Will probably check out the New Balance shoes which I also like, perhaps their new models have more cushion. *70 yr old (4.0/4.5); drill/play 3-4x/wk
5 out of 5 Stars
Would Recommend
An ASICS player who CONVERTED!I love this shoe! Super comfy and allowed me to remove existing Unser to replace with my Protech inserts (for planters fasciitis). I love the light weight, cushion and toe box comfiness. Truly pleased with these shoes (as I have been a long time ASICS fan who needed a change!).
3 out of 5 Stars
Like the looks...I was hoping to find my new go-to tennis shoe since it's really hard to get the Diadora Kangaroo leather shoe (Start K) now. Anyway, initially I too found it nice, supportive with nice cushion on the court, but after an hour or so, I could feel the edges of the shoe under the edges of the ball of my foot. I have a wide medium foot, and a small blister on my heel from the insert.
3 out of 5 Stars
Light supportive tennis shoeThe Hypercourt Express had been sold out for months so I decided to get the Hypercourt Supreme. The fit was true to size. They felt great on the court, not bulky and very supportive. There is an insert in this shoe which I didn't notice until after wearing the shoe for an hour because it rubbed a blister on the back of one of my feet. I was wearing your typical no show socks so I think I will be wearing ankle socks which should eliminate this problem. Unfortunately, it is too late for me to return.
2 out of 5 Stars
Don't recommend I so wanted to love these shoes but they are the most uncomfortable court shoe I've ever had. They rub the back of the heal and create bad blisters. They are also very narrow and tight, even going up a size.

Previous Feedback  

Comments: I love the comfort and speed of the shoes. Very good feature is the ease of putting them on and taking them off. Comfort and speed are my favorite attributes. Eyelets need reinforcing. After approximately two months, the eyelet broke, while trying on court. Tennis Warehouse is sending me a replacement pair. They did not have the same color in my size, but are sending a new pair with a different color. We will see how other shoes eyelets do. I bought three pairs in different colors and love the shoes. One negative is the grooves in the plastic material on top part of shoes that covers the top of the foot get filled with clay after one or two times on the court. Only negative. Hard to get out and new shoes look old very quickly
From: Charie, 5/13/21

Comments: I liked these shoes initially, but the longer I wear them on the court, the more painful they are to wear. The stabilizer on the outside of the shoes pushes into my foot during play and makes it a painful experience. I wish KSwiss would bring back the Hypercourt shoes because they were the best and most comfortable shoes I have owned for tennis. Each time I find shoes that I love, they discontinue them. Frustrating.
From: Milly, 4/14/21

Comments: Love these shoes. Switched out of my Nike shoes for these. They offer great support and are lightweight. Nice grip on a hardcourt also.
From: Jess, 3/17/21

Comments: I am wearing the Hypercourt Express 2 and really like the fit and feel. Ordered this model and cannot get my feet in the shoes. The wrap construction is like having an extra pair of socks already in the shoes. It is a struggle to get them on and my socks in the right place. Sending these back.
From: Vicki, 3/4/21

Comments: These shoes are very comfortable. I have bunions, so the toe base is good and I'm very happy with them, I got them on clearance. They were a good price, and seem to be working very good for me because I play pickleball.
From: Barbara, 2/16/21

Comments: These shoes are very comfortable and light weight to move easily on the court. They are wider shoes, which work well for me. I like to have room in my shoes so my feet aren't crowded. The one thing that I would have liked to have is more arch support, I actually don't feel any. However, they have been comfortable on the court and no problems when I'm done playing, so I will be ordering another pair!
From: Sue, 2/7/21

Comments: I love these shoes! There was no break-in period at all. They're extremely light weight with lots of cushion underfoot. I found them true to size, whereas with Nike or adidas, I have to go up a half size, I did not with these. I'm seriously contemplating getting another pair to store away for when these need to be retired. They are wonderful shoes at an amazing price.
From: Amy, 2/2/21

Comments: It's comfortable and gives enough support. Fits normal size.
From: Min, 1/27/21

Comments: It was on sale, so I got this. It is too wide for my feet. Also I have high arches and I don't think they have good arch support. I feel these shoes are for flatter feet. These shoes may be good for someone with wider, flatter feet, but not for someone who has high arches and narrower feet.
From: Chi, 1/14/21

Comments: I like these Hypercourt Supreme shoes better than my prior Hypercourt Express shoes. The Hypercourt Express shoes were bulky and clunky, with a bit stiff uppers. The Hypercourt Supreme shoes have softer uppers, well cushioned sole and padded, still good foot support. Also had the Ultrashot 2 shoes, which were well padded, but the shoe tread wore out fast and cushioning in the sole collapsed and needed new insole after a few months. I highly recommend the Hypercourt Express over the other KSwiss models. I have wide, flat feet, late 50s, play four times per week singles and doubles.
From: Carlos, 1/12/21

Comments: These feel great! They are very comfortable to wear immediately after receiving them. Listen to the other reviews and go half a size down from your normal shoe size. They will fit perfectly. I have an average width for a woman and these fit nicely. There was no break-in period for me, and there is a lot of support around your ankles.
From: Autumn, 1/12/21

Comments: Found this pair on sale, great value! Fast, free delivery, and the shoes fit perfectly. I have a wide foot, but a narrow heel. The built-in inserts fit comfortably snug around the back of my feet and hold them nicely in place. I would definitely recommend these shoes!
From: Susan, 1/7/21

Comments: These shoes were too narrow.
From: Lyssa, 1/6/21

Comments: Great colors. Switched the very thin insoles out. The problem with these shoes is the break in. It takes two to three wearings. I wish KSwiss would change the back of these shoes. The grippy tab on the back of the shoes is a sock eater. I've tried all different style socks and the only sock that doesn't get pulled under your heel are the knee highs. Good toe box room. Guess you get what you pay for.
From: Kathy, 1/6/21

Comments: I am pretty consistently a size 9 and these were too big. They were also very wide in the toe box. I would say I have average width feet, maybe slightly on the narrow side, but these were too long as well.
From: Rachel, 12/31/20

Comments: The look of these shoes cannot be beat. They don't look clunky like so many other tennis shoes. I had been wearing the Babolat Jet Tere, two different versions, which, even when going up a half size to 9, was crushing my toes from above, not so much the length. These were the answer! I bought these in 8.5, my true size, and I think the room in the toe box was perfect. One thing to consider, and I have not seen this in other reviews, the sock construction of the bootie comes up a little high on my ankle, so it kind of rubbed my achilles heel a bit when my socks didn't rise above the boot. Regular no-show or low pro socks won't do it ladies! I had to use a more running type sock, something that came up further on my ankle. Other than that, they are fabulous shoes for fit function and look. Best court to street shoes ever.
From: Cristina, 12/31/20

Comments: I like the shoes. They were comfortable from the beginning. The only problem was not being able to get a customer service person who could tell me whether these shoes were basically the same as the ones I had been wearing. I just guessed. Two out of three pairs were fine.
From: Mary, 12/27/20

Comments: So comfortable and light, these fit my feet perfectly. Have tried other brands, but not going to bother now because I always come back to KSwiss, and these are the best KSwiss shoes yet for my 60 year old, size 41, medium width and arch feet that I play tennis on two to three times a week. Don't even need my gel cushioning inserts in them, unlike other tennis shoes I've worn. Not normally one to write reviews, but have done this because I want to thank KSwiss. They're even priced better than most tennis shoes in Australia!
From: Jennah, 12/25/20

Comments: I just received these shoes for my 11 year old daughter. She wears a size 7 in adidas and Nike, and I bought these 7.5 but did not fit by much, I will try again with a size 9.0. The shoes look beautiful and good quality overall, will update later.
From: Leo, 12/16/20

Comments: So comfortable from day one with solid support and traction as well.
From: Yvonne, 11/25/20

Comments: A hug for your feet! These shoes are wonderful. I'm 57 years old and haven't played tennis in years, at least 15 years. We moved to a new state and the one way to meet friends was through tennis and pickleball. I asked a friend of mine who runs a tennis club about equipment I needed. She said for sure to get these shoes. I am so glad I did! I love them. I ordered online through Tennis Warehouse and chose my normal shoes size, 8.5. They fit perfect and are very comfortable. I play pickleball almost every day and these shoes have been great. I play tennis once a week and they do great there too. Can't go wrong. I want another pair.
From: Leah, 11/21/20

Comments: They run a half size too big. Very comfortable out of the box and true to width in the toe box.
From: Anonymous, 11/20/20

Comments: Good looking shoes. My heels are locked in for enhanced stability. I can sprint for winners with confidence. Good for all levels of play. Reluctantly I returned the shoes due to my ultra high arches. Width is medium. Some reviewers say wide toe box, I do not agree. The shoes run true to size.
From: Mia, 11/18/20

Comments: Most comfortable court shoes I have ever worn! I was hesitant on how they may fit after reading some of the reviews, that there was not enough room in the toe area, but not the case! Now, if we can just get KSwiss not to let these shoes go out of style and change the fit, that would be great!
From: Laura, 11/15/20

Comments: All around great, comfortable tennis sneaker. Wide toe box for those that prefer it and great support overall.
From: Camilla 10/24/20

Comments: I always watch the videos on the sneakers I am looking at. They are invaluable! Thank you for having them. I have been wearing these KSwiss sneakers playing pickleball. There is plenty of room in the toe box and I had to tighten the laces a bit. Love them!
From: Carole, 10/20/20

Comments: I'm a huge fan of the Hypercourt Express shoes, and was so bummed they discontinued them, so I figured I'd try these. They are a little more narrow, and take a few wearings to break them in. They are good, but if you like the wider base of the Hypercourt Express, these might not be for you.
From: Robin, 10/10/20

Comments: Unfortunately, I had to return them because of the fit. They were too big around the top of my foot.
From: Mary, 9/7/20

Comments: The shoes run about a half size big and have a medium toe box. They are extremely comfortable, feels like you are getting a foot massage when you are wearing them. The color combination is also very attractive.
From: Anonymous, 8/14/20

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