Ascent of Everest (8848m). Tibet. (Full Service)

Days 61 / Nights 60
Start dates of tour: 
10 April 2018 - 5 June 2018
Tour Price: 
45 000 USD
Group size: 
10-15 members
Route thread: 
Katmandu - Lhasa - Xegar - base camp - climbing - base camp - Xegar - Zangmu - Katmandu

We can offer you full service expedition to Everest. The same as that provided Western companies (and even better in some positions). This level of organization of the expedition provides maximum safety of the climbers:

We have included in the price:

- Guide – Everest summiter - 1 for 5 members

- High-altitude Sherpas - 1 for 1 member, they will accompany you to the top

- Oxygen-cylinders "POISK" – 6 for one climber

- Stationary radios in all camps and a walkie-talkie 1 for 1 member

- Doctor who works to the North Col.

- Four full base camps 5100m, 5800m, 6400m and 7000m

- In the camps 5800m, 7000m, 7800m and 8300m we also provide the public sleeping bags and mats

- And also 2 fully equipped high-altitude camp 7800m and 8300m including tents, sleeping bags, mats, stoves, pots, gas cylinders, high-altitude food and oxygen cylinders. Everything is delivered to camps by Sherpas

- Free access to e-mail, TV, DVD and sauna in the Base Camp 5100m.

Everest - the highest mountain in the world (8850 m) is the cherished dream of every climber. We help make this dream a reality.

Our expedition starts in Katmandu: we all are meeting at the Yak&Yeti 5***** hotel. Since it is possible arrival of different flights, it can be arranged several transfers from airport to hotel. The first few days we have been receiving Tibetan visas and preparing for a trip to visit interesting places in the capital of Nepal.

Two days later, we start to Tibet: we fly from Katmandu to Lhasa - the ancient capital of Tibet. We examine the city and after 2 days we moved to Shigatse (3900m). The next day we will be in the city Xegar (Xegar, 4200m). We have one day rest for acclimatization in Xegar, and the next day we’ll move to Everest Base Camp (BC, 5200m). After 2-3 days of rest in BC yaks start to lift equipment in the Advanced Base Camp (ABC, 6400m). Members of the expedition go out next day in after its opening. Here settling comfortable camp, similar to our BC.

A little later, after our Sherpas will establish Camp 1 at North Col (7000m), we go up there and spend one night for acclimatization. Then we descend to BC and have a rest for 3-4 days. At this time our Sherpas will establish Camp 2 (7700m). The next way we reach Camp 1 (North Col) and try to climb to Camp 2. Usually it is difficult to do at once because of bad weather or the lack of acclimatization. In case we cannot do this then we descend to ABC, have a short rest there, and try to reach 7700m again. After we spend one night at Camp 2 (7700m), we descend to BC for an extended vacation.

At that time Sherpas will establish Camp 3 (8300m). After the May 15-17, climbers tend to be in the camp ABC and begin to wait for favorable weather period for the commission of a decisive assault. Practically climbed to Camp 3, we can make only one attempt, as soon not be able to recover and oxygen supply is depleted. The advantage of our expedition is that it does not start too early and that it ends after June 1st. Late May - usually the best time to climb in terms of weather.

We should return to Katmandu on June 5 or 6. We stay at the Yak&Yeti again. Then all members of the team are leaving their homes, taking with them a piece of Everest in their own hearts.

Days program: 

Day 1 Arrival at Katmandu and transfer to hotel

Day 2-3 Katmandu, waiting for Tibet visa

Day 4 Flight from Katmandu to Lhasa (3400m)

Day 5 Day in Lhasa. Sightseeing of the monasteries and the Dalai Lama Palace – Potala

Day 6 Driving to Xigatse (3900m)

Day 7 Driving to Xegar (4200m)

Day 8 Day of acclimatization and rest in Xegar

Day 9 Driving to Everest Base Camp (5200m)

Day 10-12 in the Base Camp, acclimatization

Day 13 Moving from Base Camp to the Interim Base Camp (6000m)

Day 14 Ascent to the Advanced Base Camp (ABC, 6500m)

Day 15-54 Period of complete acclimatization and the ascent of Everest

Day 55 Descent from ABC to BC

Day 56 Day fees

Day 57 Transfer to Zangmu. The border of China and Nepal

Day 58 Drive from Katmandu to Zangmu

Day 59-60 stay in Katmandu

Day 61 Departure from Katmandu


Breakfast in Katmandu (lunch and dinner are not included)

Food in Tibet - 3 times a day in restaurants

Dining in BC, Middle Camp in ABC and to the North Col - 3 times a day. Prepared by Nepalese and Tibetan cook on gas stoves in the special tents. You can also get here any amount of hot water for washing or boiled water for drinking. We eat in the spacious dining tents equipped with tables and chairs.

Food for the ascent - we provide special Dehydrated Food. Participants prepare their own meals in high camps (ABC / NC) on gas stoves. Water melted from snow.


Hotel Yak&Yeti 5***** in Katmandu for 3 nights at the beginning and 2 nights at the end of the expedition in a double room

All hotels in Tibet

In BC and ABC - 1 tent for 1 person.

High-altitude camp - a tent for 3 people

Price includes: 

Experienced expedition leader (Everest summiter)

Guides (Everest summiters) - 1 for 5 members

High-altitude porters (Sherpas)

Medical services at the Base Camp and ABC

Oxygen set: mask + reducer – 1 item per climber (for ascent only)

Oxygen bottles "POISK" (4 l.) – 6 items per climber (for ascent only)

Free access to e-mail, TV and DVD in the Base Camp 5100m

Full service in Base, Intermediate, Advanced camps and camp on the North Col.

Flight from Katmandu to Lhasa and all excursions in Lhasa

Tibet Visa

Permit (official permission) to ascent

Meeting and seeing off in the airport

Necessary transfers in Katmandu

Bus and truck for the loads to Zangmu and back

Jeeps and trucks for the team members from Zangmu to Base Camp and back

4 yaks per expedition member from BC to ABC and 3 yaks per expedition member from ABC to BC

Hotel in Katmandu Yak&Yeti 5***** for 3 nights before and 2 nights after expedition in double rooms

All hotels in Tibet

Breakfast in Katmandu

Food in Tibet

Food in BC, ABC and for ascent

Tents for the members and staff in BC and ABC

Kitchen in BC and ABC, tables and chairs

Cooking fuel in BC and ABC

Kitchen equipment and tableware in BC and ABC

Generators in the base camps

First-aid kit

Chinese liaison officer

Nepalese cooks

Kitchen staff (the Tibetans)

High-altitude porters1 for 1 member of the expedition

Gas cylinders

Tents for high-altitude camps

Sleeping bags for the high-altitude camps


Ice screws

Walkie-talkies - 1 for 1-2 members of the expedition

Price does not include: 

Nepal visa
Extra nights in hotel in Katmandu
Flight to Katmandu
Personal equipment for climbing
Lunch and dinner in Katmandu
Tips for staff
Health Insurance

Leader of the expedition (experienced Everest summiter)
Guides (Everest summiters) – 1 for 5 members
Chinese liaison officer
Nepalese cooks
Kitchen worker from Tibet
High-altitude porter (Sherpa) – 1 for 1 member
All Sherpas with Everest experience. They go with the team all the way form BC to the summit carrying all the equipment and oxygen in high-altitude camps

List of equipment: 

Equipment is provided by club We provide all public equipment for expeditions. It is advisable to have 2 full sets of public equipment for BC and ABC.

Equipment for BC and ABC (provided by club) Dining tent

Kitchen tent

Shower tent

Toilet Tent

Personal Tent (1 for 1 member of the expedition)

All utensils kitchen (gas stoves, pots, etc.)

All kitchen equipment (dishes, spoons, cups, tables, chairs, etc.)

Soap and detergents

Gas heater for the dining tent


First-aid kit

Solar battery

Electric generator and fuel for it

All necessary electrical equipment (lights, sockets, etc.)

Equipment for the ascent (provided by club)

Gas cylinders

Gas stoves

Kitchen utensils Kits

Snow shovels

Tents for high-altitude camps

Insulation pads

Rappel device

Ice screws and pitons snow


Additional mask and reducer - 2 sets (for two high camps - for the whole team)

Additional oxygen cylinders - 2 sets (for two high camps - for the whole team)

List of personal equipment for the expedition: On Everest climbers use 2 Base Camps – BC (5100m), and ABC (6500m). It is advisable to take 2 sets of camping equipment (e.g. – 2 sleeping bags so that you don’t have to carry your sleeping bag up and down).

The price includes some personal equipment:

- oxygen equipment (1mask + 1 reducer + 6 Oxygen cylinders “Poisk” 4L)

- 1 Team jacket (windblock)

- 2 Team T-shirts

Equipment for AC and ABC:

Sleeping bag - 2 items

Insulating mat

Personal washing accessories

Your laptop (if you need it)

Special equipment for ascent:

Crampons (e.g. Grivel G12)

Rucksack 40-50 liters



Karabiners with screwgate lockers - 3 items


Telescope ski poles


Rappel device

Ice Axe

Head lamp

Photo camera

Video camera and assessors


Personal crockery for high camps

Equipment for body and feet:

Trekking shoes

Boots of "Everest" Millet type

Down jacket + down trousers (or down overalls)

Gore-tex jacket with wide hood

Gore-tex trousers (better semi-overalls)

Windblock jacket

Windblock trousers

Jacket "Polartec - 100" - 2 items

Warm underwear - 2 sets

Personal underwear

Polartec gloves – 2 pairs

Thinsulate gloves

Thinsulate mittens - 2 pairs

Warm woolen socks - 4-5 pairs


Warm hat

Windblock face mask

UV glasses

Ski goggles (preferably)


Necessary additions

For a preliminary application for participation in the expedition you should send us by e-mail:

1. Short mountaineering resume over the past 10 years.

2. Your digital photography.

3. Your questions.

If you are sure about your decision to take part in our expedition you should send us an e-mail:

1. Confirmation (free style)

2. Full details of the passport (№, issue date and expiration date)

3. Data on citizenship

4. Date of Birth

5. Contact numbers

Payment procedure

Prepayment is 3000 USD for booking.

Price increases by 10% when booking less than 90 days before the start.

Full payment is 90 days before the start.

In case of cancellation more than 60 days, the return will be 50%.

Less than 60 days, no refund!

Necessary travel papers (documents)

Valid passport for at least 6 months in the last day of the expedition

2 passport photos for visa

Tibet visa - we have a group visa to visit Tibet

Medical insurance

Permit - a special permission for the ascent in Tibet

Transport Transport to BC

Meeting and seeing off

Necessary transfers in Katmandu

Bus and truck for loads to Zangmu and back

Jeep (1 for 4-5 players) or minivans for the team of climbers, truck for luggage and for staff for moving from Zangmu to Base Camp and back.

Transportation of loads in BC

Yaks carry loads from BC to ABC: 4 yaks per member of the expedition from BC to ABC and 3 yaks per member of the expedition from ABC to BC.

Yaks carry all equipment including personal stuff of the participants. High altitude Sherpas carries all expedition equipment above ABC. They set up high camps, and enter all the tents, sleeping bags, mats, food, gas cylinders, gas stoves, kitchen utensils, snow shovels and ropes. High altitude porters carry your personal oxygen cylinders. They raise a 4-liter bottle "Search" on the North Col camp, two camp 7700m and three cylinders in the 8300m camp on a mountain climber.

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