Ascent of Mount Kazbek (5033m)

8 Days
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17 August 2018
27 August 2016 - 6 September 2016
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от 220 евр.
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from 5 members
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Tbilisi - Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) village - Weather station – Mount Kazbek (5033m) - Gori - Tbilisi

Mount Kazbek (5033m) - is the most eastern five thousand meters peak of the Caucasus, is located in the eastern part of the central Caucasus, on the border between Russia and Georgia.
The ascent is made by Georgia. This is one of the most beautiful and hospitable countries in Europe. Anyone who has ever been on this earth is full of desire to go back there again. Wild and unspoiled mountain nature, hospitable people, wines and excellent Georgian kitchen ... and of course the majestic Mount Kazbek.
The first ascent of Kazbek was committed in 1868 by D. Freshfield.
The first explorer, who climbed Mount Kazbek and fulfilled there the geological and meteorological research, was a Russian land-surveyor A.V. Pastyxov (1889). 60-year-old conductor from Ossetia Tsarahov Tepsariko reached the summit with him.
Kazbek - is truly a legendary peak. Prometheus gave fire to people and had been chained to the rocks here. His old enemy, the dragon, having heard about that, went to pay off a hero, but was turned to stone, and turned to Dragon Rocks, located at 4800m altitude.
Here at an altitude of 3800m, 80-foot rock wall in the cave, is an ancient monastery Betlemi (Bethlehem). An ancient legend is associated with the monastery, poetically described by a famous Georgian writer Ilia Chavchavadze in his poem "The Fall of the holy monk, sheltered astray shepherdess"
The main decoration of the Heavy (the Daryal Pass) and its symbol is a monastery of the Holy Trinity Sameba, where at one time was a Cross of St. Nino. The monastery is beautifully situated against the backdrop of Mount Kazbek, directly above the village of Kazbegi.
And at an altitude of about 3900m is a modern small church, established the monastery with the help of Georgian mountaineers.
Here is a meeting with Georgia. This is chacha, toast, Georgian songs and Caucasian hospitality.

Days program: 

Day 1 Departure to Tbilisi. Arrival in Tbilisi. Accommodation in hotel or guest house. Walking around the city

Day 2 Moving to the village Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) at the bottom of Mount Kazbek. Acclimatization. On the way, we will be able to visit the beautiful Trinity Church in Gergeti. A walk through the picturesque mountain road. Excursion to the famous monastery Tsvemba Samad, which means the Mother of God. The temple is picturesquely situated on the background of Kazbek. Night in Kazbegi.

Day 3 Go to the Weather station at an altitude of 3750m. During the transition we will cross the glacier Gergeti. Overnightat the Weather station.

Day 4 A little walk for acclimatization at 4500m, the classes in the snow and rest. Overnight at the Weather station

Day 5 Acclimatization ascent. Moving camp at 4300m. Overnight in tents

Day 6 Go to the Mount Kazbek (5033m) early in the morning. In the afternoon we return to camp. Descent to the Weather station. Overnight at the Weather station.

Day 7 Extra day in case of bad weather.

Day 8 Extra day in case of bad weather.

Day 9 The descent to the Kazbegi village. Return to Tbilisi. The cultural program. Overnight at the hotel or guest house.

Day 10 Free time in Tbilisi, excursions on personal preferences. Flight home

Price includes: 

Services of an experienced guide, high-altitude tents, the value of all transfers and hotels according to the program (except accommodation in Tbilisi), 2 meals a day and lunch on the mountain.
Not included:
Flight to Georgia and back (about $ 340), meals and accommodation in Tbilisi, insurance, entrance fees to museums and tourist sites, personal expenses.

Experienced instructors of mountaineering.

List of equipment: 

Equipment required for the ascent may vary depending on the time of ascent, the state of the route and schedule climb (it is possible to avoid the use of tents, sleeping on the weather).

A list of personal equipment
1 Climbing boots, plastic or leather.
2 Down-padded coat or angora vest
3 The windproof suit. It is better "Gore Tex" trousers + jacket
4 Polar costume can be replaced by a woolen
5 "Windblock" suit can be replaced by a woolen
6 Thermal underwear
7 Hat + cap
8 Socks 2-3 pair, 2-3 cotton
9 Mittens and gloves. If there is no brand, it can be made of fleece (you can buy it in the market)
10 Gaiters. Socks that are on top of your shoes.
11 Glasses with side blinkers, the degree of protection "3"
12 Mask from the wind or you can restrict the hood
13 Crampons. They should strictly fitting your shoes
14 Ice Axe is not necessary if there is a ski poles
15 Climbing harness
16 Head torch
17 Sun cream
18 Mug, spoon, bowl and knife
19 Rucksack (50-60 liters)
20 Sleeping bag should stand up to -15 (20) C below 0
21 Ski Poles (the telescopes)
22 Photos and videos, 1-2 items for a group
23 Thermos
24 Personal first aid kit
25 Personal accessories: toothbrush, mirror, cotton wool, nail polish remover with a nail, ear rods and etc.
26 Rug (mat), it can be inflatable

Public equipment in consultation with the instructor:

Pan 1-2 in a tent (compartment)

Stove + gas 3 cans x 0,4 kg per tent

Matches (lighter)

Repair Kit

Tent for 3-4 people

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Mount Kazbek (5033m) - is the most eastern five thousand meters peak of the Caucasus. The ascent is made by Georgia. This is one of the most beautiful and hospitable countries in Europe. Anyone who has ever been on this earth is full of desire to go back there again…

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