Elbrus from the south

10 days
Start dates of tour: 
24 May 2014 - 1 June 2014
19 July 2014 - 29 July 2014
Tour Price: 
Group size: 
4 - 8 members
Route thread: 
Mineralny Vody - Terskol village (2200m) – top Cheget (3600m) – Terskol village - Shelter 11 (4200m) - Pastukhov Rocks (4800 m) - Elbrus West (5642m) – Terskol village (2200m) - Mineralny Vody

Elbrus does not present technical complication, but this is its cunning, because ascent without experimental instructors can be very dangerous in the conditions of not uncommon bad weather. In airport Mineralny Vody you will be met by our representative and he will take you in a hotel by a comfortable minibus.
Next four days aimed at getting you optimum acclimatization for the ascent on Elbrus. The training program (acclimatization) includes a simple acclimatization output to the top of Cheget (3600m), from where in fine weather you can see beautiful views on Mount Elbrus, Donguz-Orun, Nakru and many other most beautiful peaks of the area, climbing to an altitude of 4200m to the former Shelter 11 and exit on the Pastukhov Rocks (4800m). At the 6-7th day planned ascent, this usually takes 9-12 hours, along with the descent.

Days program: 

Day 1 Arrival in Mineralny Vody, meeting with our representative, transfer to the Elbrus region. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 2 Acclimatization output to the slopes of Mount Cheget, returning to the hotel.

Day 3 Ascent to the stations of "Myr" (“World”) on the cable-way, acclimatization output to "Diesel Hut" (4200m), return to hotel.

Day 4 Ascent to the Gara-Bashi, placement in a shelter "Bochki" (“Barrels”). Acclimatization output to Pastukhov Rocks (4600 - 4800m). Overnight at the shelter “Barrels”.

Day 5 Rest day and prepare for the ascent, it can be ascent to the station “Myr”. Overnight at the shelter “Barrels”.

Day 6 Day of the ascent. We leave early - at 3:00, if we use the snowcat to Pastukhov Rocks, you can get at 4 am. The duration of the ascent will take 8 hours (ascent and descent). Overnight in "Barrels".

Day 7 Reserve day in case of bad weather. Accommodation in "Barrels".

Day 8 Descend to Azau, lunch, transfer to the hotel and accommodation. Free time.

Day 9 Breakfast at hotel, transfer to the airport Mineralny Vody, flight home.


During your stay at the hotel will be 2 meals a day + packed lunch for the outputs.

Breakfast - buffet, for dinner you can choose dishes of European and Caucasian cuisine.

Cook prepares you on the mountain (very tasty!): breakfast, dinner, tea around 4:00 pm, and at the time of day transitions packed lunch is given to you (sandwich, fruit, cookies, chocolates, a pack of juice). Usually there are soups, mashed potatoes, rice, vegetables, salads, chicken, sausage, candy, jams, tea and coffee in a ration. Tableware provided.

Price includes: 

- All transfers

- Hotel accommodation (4 nights)

- Accommodation in a shelter "Barrels" on the mountain (4 nights)

- 2 meals a day + packed lunch by placing at the hotel

- Payment of cable-way during acclimatization outputs and ascent to the shelter "Barrels"

- 3 meals a day by placing in "Barrels" + packed lunch for the outputs

- Rent a public equipment and kitchen

- Professional guide from the Club

Price does not include: 

- Flight to Mineralny Vody

- Climbing insurance

- Permit for the ascent (being in the national park) -250 rubles for the citizens of Russia and 20 $ for foreigners

- Registration in the Elbrus region for foreigners

- Rent a personal climbing equipment

The guides from the Club will work with you

List of equipment: 

A list of personal equipment

1 Climbing boots, plastic or leather.

2 Down-padded coat or angora vest

3 The windproof suit. It is better "Gore Tex" trousers + jacket

4 Polar costume can be replaced by a woolen

5 "Windblock" suit can be replaced by a woolen

6 Thermal underwear. You can use wool or cotton, 1-2 T-shirts

7 Hat + cap

8 Socks 2-3 pair wool, 2-3 cotton

9 Mittens and gloves. If there is no brand, it can be made of fleece (you can buy it in the market)

10 Gaiters. Socks that are on top of your shoes.

11 Glasses with side blinkers, the degree of protection "3"

12 Mask from the wind or you can restrict the hood

13 Crampons. They should strictly fitting your shoes

14 Ice Axe is not necessary if there is ski poles

15 Climbing harness

16 Head torch

17 Sun cream

18 Mug, spoon, bowl and knife

19 Rucksack (50-60 liters)

20 Sleeping bag should stand up to -15 (-20) C below 0

21 Ski Poles (the telescopes)

22 Photos and videos, 1-2 items for a group

23 Thermos

24 Personal first aid kit

25 Personal accessories: toothbrush, mirror, cotton wool, nail polish remover with a nail, ear rods and etc.

26 Rug (mat), it can be inflatable

27 Tent to stay in the trip and at base camp

28 Raincoat 7 hryvnas (you can buy it in any market)

Public equipment in consultation with the instructor:

Pan 1-2 in a tent (compartment)

Stove + gas 3 cans x 0,4 kg per tent

Matches (lighter)

Repair Kit

Tent for 3-4 people

Climber spade for a group

Required Documents

A copy of the Russian (for Russian citizens) passports and for foreign nationals - a copy of international passport.


In the summer in Terskol the temperature is +15, +25 C, in spring and in autumn is from 0 to +15 C in winter from -5 to -25 C. At an altitude of 3800m in the summer temperatures is from -2 to +20 C and in winter from -5 to -30 C


The guide has a first-aid kit for the outputs. You can contact the Emergency rescuers from almost anywhere. You need to have specific individual drugs.

Extra expenses

Meals. You can have a dinner in the meadow Cheget or Azau, lunch of three courses will cost you about 200 rubles, so you will spend 600 rubles for lunch.

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Elbrus does not present technical complication, but this is its cunning, because ascent without experimental instructors can be very dangerous in the conditions of not uncommon bad weather. In airport Mineralny Vody you will be met by our representative…

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