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Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP Racquet Review

Price: $149.00MSRP: $239.00
Overall 87
Groundstrokes 88
Volleys 85
Serves 84
Returns 88
Power 87
Control 85
Maneuverability 85
Stability 85
Comfort 84
Touch/Feel 86
Topspin 88
Slice 86


The revamped Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP opens its doors to players craving more power, feel and stability, while maintaining the same excellent access to spin found in past models. For 2020, Head increased the swingweight of the Speed MP, which allowed our playtesters to drive through the ball with greater plow through power. Stability was improved significantly, and while the racquet still felt plush, a slightly crisper response off the stringbed kept our testers feeling more connected to their shots. Boasting a straight 23-mm beam with a 64 RA flex rating, this updated Speed MP offers a great balance of modern feel and access to spin without sacrificing the smooth response and precise targeting that players crave. Overall, this update thoroughly impressed our playtesters. Intermediate to advanced players looking for a solid racquet that rewards big swings with controllable power, generous spin and a great feel should take this racquet out for a demo.


  • Stability
  • Power
  • Spin


  • Nothing we could agree on

Bottom Line

This updated Speed redefines its name by bringing greater stability and power, and an improved feel compared to its predecessors.


Intermediate to advanced

Groundstrokes - Score: 88

The Graphene 360+ Speed MP's increased swingweight boosted its stability and power, and several playtesters raved about the improved feel. Chris enjoyed being able to swing freely from the back of the court. He said, "I loved trading groundstrokes with the Graphene 360+ Speed MP in my hands. The racquet felt super fast and easy to maneuver, which helped me generate lots of spin and pace. I also really liked the feel at impact. This update felt much plusher, and while the racquet felt crisp and lively, I also thought it pocketed the ball better. I felt very much in control of my shots and was able to attack the ball confidently. Compared to the heftier Pro version, this MP made it easier to immediately start whipping angles and opening up the court."

Jason noticed a change in playability from previous iterations. He described, "The very first thing that caught my attention was the feel. It is much improved over the previous two versions; it wasn't too muted, and I didn't feel disconnected from my shots. The other noticeable difference was that this version didn't feel as maneuverable and whippy as the previous generations, but because of the higher swingweight I was getting more power and improved stability. It was easier to get depth on my shots and to hit a more penetrating slice. I did struggle against low slices, when I had to really try to whip the racquet up and over the ball. That was when I wanted a lower swingweight."

Kristen also noticed some updates that proved beneficial to her game style. She said, "I spent some time hitting with the Graphene Touch Speed MP a few years back, and this Graphene 360+ version definitely feels more solid in comparison. The swingweight has been beefed up a bit, which made it to feel more stable on contact and pack more punch on groundstrokes, so I felt like I could hit a heavy, powerful ball. The racquet was maneuverable enough on groundstrokes for me, and I liked that I could flatten out balls and tap into a good amount of spin. A highlight for me on groundstrokes was how well this racquet counteracted pace. I was able to redirect balls back into the court with great speed and control, and it felt ultra smooth on contact. I definitely thought this racquet was a good match for my counterpunching game from the back of the court."

There was no hiding Erik's enthusiasm for this racquet's performance. He said, "The Graphene 360+ Speed MP was honestly incredible on groundstrokes. I loved how whippy this racquet felt, and the weight made it feel like I was hitting a very natural ball. I could achieve a good amount of power and spin. This racquet was quite stable for the weight, and I was very impressed from a weight standpoint. It worked well for my game style and allowed me to defend and keep the ball from dropping too short in the court."

Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP Racquet view 2

Volleys - Score: 85

Similar to their experience on groundstrokes, our playtesters found improved stability and punch when moving to the net with the Graphene 360+ Speed MP. Jason explained, "The higher swingweight was definitely beneficial up at net. Even though the swingweight did go up, it wasn't unmanageable. It was great for blocking hard-hit shots back and absorbing pace. "

Always looking to sneak into net, Erik found that the updated Speed MP complemented his volley game. He said, "This racquet was very stable for its weight, and I really liked how it performed up at net. It was super smooth, and I absolutely loved the responsive feel, which kept me very connected to my shots. I found myself hitting a lot of deeper volleys, but I could definitely hit nice angle volleys when the opportunity presented itself."

Although Chris had a slight preference toward the Pro model at net, the MP proved a worthy contender. He said, "I volleyed well with this racquet. I was able to cut the ball with spin very easily to give it some added angle or to get it to drop quickly. On deep aggressive volleys, I had to give the shot a little more punch compared to the Graphene 360+ Speed Pro model that I was hitting side by side. Getting depth was not difficult, but this racquet lacked some of the plow through power of the Pro. Again, I liked the response of this Speed MP very much, and the racquet was comfortable while still giving me enough feedback to feel the ball."

Kristen appreciated the improved stability, but she needed to fine-tune her timing. She described, "I noticed the higher swingweight more when I moved to the net, and it took me some time to adjust for that in terms of my timing. Initially, a lot of my volleys were soaring long. However, the racquet felt solid and came through the ball with nice mass for power and punch."

Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP Racquet view 3

Serves - Score: 84

The Graphene 360+ Speed MP's power story continued on serves, where spin was also plentiful, providing great kick and placement. Erik used those attributes to his advantage, saying, "I felt very confident hitting serves with this racquet. I got excellent pace and really nice spin to hit kick serves. My favorite serves were the slice serve out wide on the deuce side and the kick serve out wide on the ad side."

Chris felt right at home stepping up to serve. He said, "Serving with this racquet felt very natural since the weight, balance and swingweight are almost identical to my Tecnifibre TF40 305 in stock form. I quickly found the groove and felt ready to stay on the gas, even in tight match situations. I liked the access to spin I got with this racquet. Both my slice and topspin serves had some nice bite to them, which gave me lots of options every time I stepped up to the line."

Serves didn't come as seamlessly for Kristen, who found she needed to put in more effort than normal to get the racquet head moving. She explained, "I struggled getting dialed in on serves because this Graphene 360+ Speed MP felt much heavier overhead than I prefer. I felt like I was exhausting a lot of energy on service games just getting the racquet moving. I never truly got dialed in on flatter first serves, but I had more success when hitting spin serves. This racquet felt pretty spin-friendly, and I could get my serves landing deep in the box."

"I really enjoyed serving with the Graphene 360+ Speed MP," Jason added. "The higher swingweight meant more free power on my serves, which is always appreciated. The open string pattern gave me great access to spin on my slice serves as well. "

Head Graphene 360+ Speed MP Racquet view 4

Returns - Score: 88

Our playtesters loved swinging big and turning up the heat on returns, but even when opting for a safer route, the Graphene 360+ Speed MP delivered. "Feeling like the Black Eyed Peas, I was bringing the 'boom, boom, pow' with this racquet on my returns," said Jason. "The combination of the weight and swingweight allowed me to really attack and hit big returns, and the spin I could impart on the ball helped control all that power. The only downside was that my return would fly on me a bit if I didn't get enough topspin on the ball."

Kristen relished the feel and response on one of her favorite shots. She said, "I much preferred returning over serving with this racquet. Like on groundstrokes, the way the racquet absorbed pace was beneficial on service returns, and it offered such a smooth feel on contact. When I had time to set up I could really drive through the ball and hit an aggressive return. And when I was under more pressure or I caught the ball a bit late, I could still slice back returns effectively."

"Taking a good rip at returns was fun with the Graphene 360+ Speed MP," said Chris. "I was able to generate lots of spin to control the pace, and I had plenty of feel to help me pinpoint my targets. Since I was getting lots of racquet head speed, the racquet came through the ball with better than anticipated stability. Again, I was loving the blend of comfort and feel. My returns pretty much felt dialed in from the get-go, and I can't ask for much more than that."

The Graphene 360+ Speed MP felt reliable in Erik's hands on returns. He said, "I could be very aggressive on second serve returns, but I loved blocking back big first serves with this racquet because of how solid it felt in my hand. There was a good amount of power, but I certainly reined in that power with a lot of spin when required. Overall, I really liked returning with this racquet."

Overall - Score: 87


Chris - "I love the spin, the blend of power and control and the maneuverability, and especially the feel at impact. This is by far my favorite Speed MP so far!"

Jason - "Improved feel, power and stability over the previous generation. The Graphene 360+ Speed MP is a great player's racquet that offers a combination of power, spin and control."

Kristen - "This racquet counteracts pace well. It offers a good balance of power and control as well as good stability. "

Erik - "The Graphene 360+ Speed MP feels really natural to me, almost like an extension of my hand. I like how whippy and stable this racquet is."


Chris - "None really, as the racquet plays great in stock form. With that said, to spec it to my taste, I'd use a leather grip, which adds about 10 grams at the handle."

Jason - "The high-320s swingweight is tough when hitting back low slice shots."

Kristen - "The Graphene 360+ Speed MP feels a tad sluggish at net and on serves for me; I would have preferred a slightly lower swingweight."

Erik - "Not much to dislike here."

Comparing the racquet to others they've tried, our testers said:

Chris - "The specs of the Graphene 360+ Speed MP are very close to my racquet of choice. I add a leather grip to my racquets, and I'd make that same modification here. A couple of other racquets with similar specs that I also really like are the Babolat Pure Strike 100 3rd Gen and the Yonex VCORE Pro 100 300."

Kristen - "This Graphene 360+ Speed MP isn't as maneuverable as previous models of the Speed MP that I've played with, but it packs more punch on contact and feels more stable. If the swingweight was just a few points lower, to help me out a bit on serves in particular, this racquet could definitely be a contender for switching."

Jason - "The Graphene 360+ Speed MP is more stable and powerful than previous Speed MP racquets. It has similar playability to the Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour, and it also reminds me of the Wilson Clash 100 Tour. "

Erik - "I would compare the Graphene 360+ Speed MP's solidness to the Tecnifibre TF40 305. It is very stable from the back of the court and up at net, but it has slightly more power and access to spin. Compared to the Phantom 100X 305, this Graphene 360+ Speed MP is more powerful and slightly more stable."

Technical Specifications
Length27 in69 cm
Head Size100 sq in645 sq cm
Weight11.2 oz318 gm
Balance Point13 in 33 cm4pts Head Light
Construction23mm / 23mm / 23mm
CompositionGraphene 360+/Graphite
String Pattern16 Mains / 19 Crosses
Babolat RDC Ratings
Flex Rating64Range: 0-100
Swing Weight328Range: 200-400
Chris' Scores
Kristen's Scores
Erik's Scores
Jason's Scores
Price: $149.00MSRP: $239.00

Playtester Profiles

Chris: 4.5 all-court player currently using the Tecnifibre TF40 305. Chris uses a full-western forehand grip, has a fast swing style and hits a one-handed backhand.

Kristen: 5.0 level player with a semi-western forehand and a two handed backhand. Kristen currently plays with a Prince Phantom 100X 305.

Erik: Open level all-court player with a one-handed backhand and a western forehand. He is currently using the Prince Phantom 100X 305.

Jason: 4.0 baseliner with a semi-western forehand and two-handed backhand. Currently using a customized Wilson Clash 100.

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