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How to String a Tennis Racquet

Follow our step-by-step video to put new strings in your tennis racquet

In our video, we take you through the process of stringing a tennis racquet. We recommend restringing your racquet as many times a year as many times you play in a week, which could mean you are installing new strings before the old ones break. For example, if you play three times a week, you should get new strings installed at least three times a year.

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A Few Things to Know

  • We strung the racquet in our video with a two-piece stringing method because the vast majority of racquets can be strung using this method.
  • String sets are sold in 40-foot lengths. Most racquets can be strung with a single set. If a racquet requires more than 40 feet of string, we will note that in our product description.
  • In our racquet specs table, be sure to check the string pattern section. There you will see the recommended tension range of each racquet, whether it is a one-piece or two-piece racquet and the main skips. For example, a racquet could have skips at 7T,9T,7H,9H. This means when stringing the mains, you skip the grommet holes at position 7 and 9 in the throat as well as 7 and 9 in the head. To find your skips, starting from the center grommets, count outward to the seventh and ninth grommet holes on both sides.
  • If the specs say there are shared holes, that means a cross and main string will go through the same grommet hole.
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